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Sheri Pederson,  Equine Massage and Bodywork
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Welcome to On The Muscle! 

The term "on the muscle" is used in the horse business to describe a horse that's energetic, fit and ready to go!

My hope is that using equine body work and massage will help YOUR horse to be "on the muscle"!

Equine Body Work:

ü       Increases range of motion

ü       Improves stamina

ü       Improves disposition

ü       Provides comfort to muscle injuries

ü       Enhances performance and gait quality

ü       Improves circulation

ü       Reduces tactile defensiveness

ü       Accesses physical condition

ü       Provides ability to notice tissue changes at an earlier stage



Massage is used in conjunction with conventional and alternative health care, as well as proper training techniques. to enable the horse to perform at an optimum level.


Massage is NEVER a replacement
for proper veterinary care.



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Dec 2013 - OMG-- SO MUCH fun stuff happening! 
On the 7th at The Ramada by MOA in Bloomington, we're participating in the first Horse-Crazy Holiday Market!!  Come visit and get a gift certificate for a massage for your favorite person's horse! 
also....I've managed to return this site to it's old format.  I kind of hated the 'horse ranch' template because it just wasn't me.  This isn't great, but it's more me!
The mare is trace-clipped for the winter and we're participating in Horse Agility -- what a blast we're having, and the ground manners and relationship have improved IMMENSELY!

Other Stuff...
1)  CafePress - I've got OTM logo merchandise and other fun 'horsey' designes out here! Visit this site to check it out, and if you don't see what you want, let me know!     www.cafepress.com/onthemuscle 

2) Bling! 
People still like a little sparkle!  Get a custom browband for less than cost of the mass-produced catalog  'stock'  by contacting us!  The browbands continue to be popular -  thanks!   Browbands are available in black, havana, chestnut and white, sizes pony to draft!  Sliders are gold or silver. 
I can still do charms or bead-wrapped shoes too if anyone is interested!
Check out the Bling! page

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